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Kama'aina Owned and Operated Business in Honolulu, Hawaii Since 1990
Certified State Of Hawaii, Department Of Transportation Driver Education Instructors

Certified American Automobile Association Driver Improvement Program Instructor

$360.00 plus tax

Adult Behind the Wheel Lessons

6-hours Minimum

Register and Pay for the Behind the Wheel training!

Once payment is made no refund is available unless the student dies or becomes disabled.  Refunds are made on the amount Accurate Driving LLC paid to the contract Behind the Wheel instructor less the general excise tax paid to the State of Hawaii.
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After making payment be sure to return to this page and complete the Online Adult Behind the Wheel Registration below.  You do not need a PayPal account to pay online with a credit card via PayPal.


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All associated driving instructors are Independent Business Owners.  The current group of driving instructors represent many years of experience teaching novice drivers in Honolulu, Hawai'i. 

All driving instructors are properly insured, have successfully completed the AAA Driver Improvement Program, and are currently Certified Driver Education Instructors by the Hawai'i Department of Transportation.

When we receive registration and payment an instructor will be assigned to you.  You will contact the instructor to schedule dates, times, and locations for the lessons.  The instructor will provide the vehicle and meet with you up at a prearranged location.  Students who live outside of "Town" will need to meet the BTW instructor somewhere in town. We recommend not scheduling a road test until you speak with the BTW instructor.  Please be patient assigning an instructor could take up to a couple of weeks depending on the time of year.  Spring, Summer and Winter are the busiest seasons for our school.

Price & Payment

Adult Behind-The-Wheel lessons cost $60.00 per hour. We require a prepayment of $360.00 plus tax. This amount will prepay for 6 (six) hours of lessons. The Average Adult Student requires about 1/2 hour of lessons per year of age to reach a basic driving ability level. At this level, the student may be able to pass the Road Test. For example, if the student is 20 years old, they would require about 10 hours of lessons. A 40-year-old student would require about 20 hours of lessons. These are averages, some students learn more quickly, and some take longer.