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American Automobile Association's 

Driver Improvement Program

The AAA DIP is a  Defensive Driving Course

Program Applications:

    ·  Driving Refresher
    ·  Fleet Operator Training
    ·  Corporate/Military Training
    ·  Group Sessions
    ·  Private One-On-One Sessions

AAA DIP Program Components:

     1.   Introduction:  Introduces the concept of managing risk behind the wheel by controlling visibility, time and space

           to reduce  injury, damage and loss

     2.   Seeing:  In this module attendees learn how to prepare their vehicle for optimum visibility, perform a 20 to 30

           second visual lead, compensate for environmental factors that reduce visibility, and properly check behind and

           to the sides (blind-spots) of the vehicle.

     3.   Communicating:  Helps attendees correctly interpret the behavior of other drivers, the environment, and traffic

           situations.  Emphasizes what road signs communicate and how other drivers communicate, especially in

           high-risk situations.

     4.  Adjusting Speed:  Educates students to make the correct decisions about how fast they can safely travel.

          Emphasizes the factors that should influence speed, such as visibility, road conditions, traffic, and four to five

          second stopping zones.

     5.  Margin of Safety:  Alerts attendees to the importance of maintaining a safe space around their vehicles.  This

          module explains the two to four second following distance, blind spots, tailgaters and passing vehicles.

     6.  Driving Emergencies:  Learn to recognize the causes of, and proper responses to driving emergencies.  Also

          includes information on air bags and anti-lock braking systems.

     7.  Your Vehicle:  Learn how to maintain a vehicle in safe operating condition as well as detecting vehicle defects. 

          This module covers vehicle systems, maintenance, loading and driving larger vehicles.

     8.  You, The Driver:  Learn the information needed to make responsible decisions about not driving under the
          influence of alcohol, drugs and when fatigued.  Also how fatigue and emotions lower a driver's performance.

Principal Driver Improvement Program Instructor:


·   Private Driving Instructor Since 1990

·   Owner of Accurate Driving LLC

·   Hawai'i Department of Transportation Certified Driver Education Instructor

·   Certified American Automobile Association (AAA) Driver Improvement Program (DIP) Instructor 

·   Accurate Driving LLC has been the contracted provider of Driver  Education at Mid Pacific Institute since 2001 ·   Contracted Driver Education Instructor at Punahou School from 1997 through 2005

·   Former Member of the Hawai'i Department of Transportation's Act 175 Task Force to Implement Driver Education

    Standards in Hawai'i

·   Former City & County of Honolulu Driver License Examiner

·   Former Honolulu Police Department Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC) Instructor

·   Former National Safety Council Defensive Driving Course & Train the Trainer Instructor

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