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Certified State Of Hawaii, Department Of Transportation Driver Education Instructors

Certified American Automobile Association Driver Improvement Program Instructor

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Program Applications:

  Driving Refresher · Fleet Operator Training · Corporate Training

AAA DIP Program Components:

1.   Introduction:  Introduction to Risk Management for driving.

2.   Being Ready to Drive:  In this module, attendees learn how to prepare their vehicle for optimum visibility, how to check tire condition and inflation

      steering wheel hand position, managing vehicle blind spots, how to properly adjust head restraints and seat belts.  Attendees will also learn about new

      vehicle technologies.

3.   Effective Visual Awareness:  Importance of vision and driving, vision problems, and visual limitations.

4.  Sharing the Road:  Educate students to safely share the roadway with vehicles, pedestrians, and animals.

5.  Using Speed and Space Effectively:  Factors in selecting a safe speed when driving and how to maintain a safe space around the vehicle.

6.  Alcohol and Other Drugs:  Blood alcohol concentration and the law.  The human functions impaired by alcohol and drugs.  The synergistic effect

     of mixing alcohol and drugs.  The possible effects of OTC and illegal drugs on driving.

7.  Distractions, Drowsiness, and Emotions:  Types of distractions.  Dangers of Fatigue when driving.  How to recognize and manage emotions that are

     detrimental to driving.

8.  Adverse Conditions and Driving Emergencies:  Off road recovery, skidding, brake failure, and other driving emergencies.

Principal Driver Improvement Program Instructor:


·   Private Driving Instructor Since 1990

·   Owner of Accurate Driving LLC

·   Hawai'i Department of Transportation Certified Driver Education Instructor

·   Certified American Automobile Association (AAA) Driver Improvement Program (DIP) Instructor 

·   Accurate Driving LLC has been the contracted provider of Driver  Education at Mid Pacific Institute since 2001 ·   Contracted Driver Education Instructor

    at Punahou School from 1997 through 2005

·   Served as a Member of the Hawai'i Department of Transportation's Act 175 Task Force to Implement Driver Education Standards in Hawai'i

·   Former City & County of Honolulu Driver License Examiner

·   Former Honolulu Police Department Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC) Instructor

·   Former National Safety Council Defensive Driving Course & Train the Trainer Instructor

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