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Welcome to our website!  At Accurate Driving LLC our goal is to provide the highest quality driver education possible in Honolulu, Hawaii for teens, adults and companies. 

Our team of driving instructors is some of the best available in Honolulu, Hawai'i.  There are 7 driving instructors affiliated with Accurate Driving LLC.  This ensures a timely completion of your teen's driver education training.  If a school has just a few instructors your teen's training could be severely delayed. 

Please take the time to read the information on our site...we are sure all your questions will be answered.  Thank you for using our services.


Glenn Oide & The Affiliated Instructors of Accurate Driving LLC

* All teen driver education programs are conducted over a minimum of six weeks which includes the classroom dates and behind the wheel lessons, as mandated by the State of Hawaii Department of Transportation.  The driver education program usually takes longer than six weeks for most students to complete.  Once classroom and behind the wheel certificates are attained they have no expiration dates.

* Note:  We are a private company and do not allow Driver Education Instructors not affiliated with Accurate Driving LLC to utilize our classroom to promote their business.  We do not allow the use of an outside instructor for the BTW training.