Kama'aina Owned and Operated Business in Honolulu, Hawaii Since 1990
Certified State Of Hawaii, Department Of Transportation Driver Education Instructors

Certified American Automobile Association Driver Improvement Program Instructor

Until future notice we are not accepting:

    1. Adult Students

    2. Students from Outer Islands

    3. Behind the Wheel Only Teen Students

        (Except for students who completed an MPI class)

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone

**Important: Some information below does not apply during Covid-19 Pandemic**


What are the legal requirements for a teen under the age of 18 to acquire a driver license in the State of Hawaii? 

In Hawaii persons under 18 wishing to obtain a Provisional Driver License must complete:
1.  A 30-hour Classroom Driver Education Course with a State of Hawaii Certified Instructor
2.  A 6-hour Behind-The-Wheel Course with a State of Hawaii Certified Instructor
3.  Perform 50-hours of driving with someone over 21 who carries a valid driver license.  10 of the 50-hours need to be performed at night.  The licensed driver needs to be in the front passenger seat, be alert and conscious (the permitted teen cannot function as a "designated driver").  Between the hours of 11:00 pm and 5:00 am the licensed driver must be a parent or guardian.

What is required to sign up my teen for a road test?  C&C of Honolulu Online Road Test Appointments
1.  A Classroom Driver Education Course Completion Certificate ( yellow - once attained the certificate never expires )
2.  A Behind-The-Wheel Course Completion Certificate ( blue - once attained the certificate never expires )
3.  Have had a permit for at least 180 days
4.  Be 16 years old

​We recommend not scheduling a road test until you speak with the BTW instructor.  BTW instructors are referred after the last day of class.

Does my teen need a permit to attend the Classroom Driver Education?  C&C of Honolulu Online Permit Application
No.  Your teen does not need a current driver permit to attend the classroom sessions.  However, they will need a Hawaii Driver Permit to receive Behind the Wheel training. 

When will we receive confirmation of the class?

Your teen is considered confirmed for the class:

1. When the registration is submitted.

2. When you receive an email from PayPal that your payment is confirmed.

Consider your teen registered to their first choice of class, provided the class was not closed when the registration was submitted.  An email from Accurate Driving LLC with class details will be sent a few weeks before the starting date of the class.

How does my teen renew an instruction permit?
You need to visit the nearest driver licensing center or designated satellite city hall with your instruction permit and provide original documents that provide proof of identity, legal presence and social security number.  Names must be the same on all documents.  If you have a name change and the names on your documents are not the same, you must also submit the original document that verifies your name change. ( Marriage Certificate, Divorce Decree, Court Documents).  Use this link to make an appointment: https://alohaq.honolulu.gov/?1

You may renew 30 days before the permit expiration date and have a grace period of 90 days after the permit expiration date without being required to retake the general knowledge test.  For minors, if you renew your permit 31 through 90 days after the permit expiration date, your road test eligibility date will be 180 days from the date of issuance of your renewed permit.  

The following link provides information regarding Hawaii's Legal Presence Law and a listing of acceptable documents: http://hidot.hawaii.gov/hawaiis-legal-presence-law/
.  For assistance with identifying acceptable supporting documents required to obtain a driver's license, please consult our interactive Document Guide.

Does my teen need to attend the sessions in sequence? 
No.  The driver education classroom curriculum is divided into 12 sessions.  Each session covers specific information and most do not require information from previous classes to comprehend.  Sessions that require previous information start with a review of that information.  The sessions can be attended in any sequence, however the student must start in the class they registered for.  Thereafter they can attend make-up sessions in future classes.

Can my teen miss sessions & if so, how do they make-up what they missed?   During Covid-19 your teen can attend any virtual class scheduled for Accurate Driving LLC.  Your teen cannot sign up for a class scheduled for a later date and attend all the sessions of an earlier scheduled class as Make-ups.  If they miss a session in the class they registered for, I.E. Session 7, all they need do is attend a Session 7 in a future scheduled class.  The teen can show up at any future class without reserving a space, even if the class is listed as "Registration Closed".  The teen needs to know the class number to which they are assigned when they attend the "make up" session.  It is the responsibility of the Student and their Family to keep track of and ensure they complete all 12 sessions.The access codes for future scheduled virtual classes will be posted with the schedule on our "Class Schedules" page. 

To receive a certificate of completion for the classroom training: 
1. The student must complete all 30 hours (12 sessions) of the classroom training
 It is the responsibility of the student and student’s family to keep track of the student's attendance.  We suggest making a log to keep track of classes completed and classes to make up.  
2. The student must pass the final exam 
3. After 1 and 2 are completed, the student must drop off these 3 required documents to Accurate Driving LLC Classroom. 

Classroom location and instructions: 

  • Our address is 1113 South King Street. We are on the makai side of South King Street, the second building Diamond head of Pensacola Street.  Slip the documents in between the glass double entry doors. There is a plastic container in the classroom that the documents will fall into.
  • Map to classroom location ​

DO NOT: Drop off documents before completing 1 & 2. 
DO NOT: Mail the documents. 
DO NOT: Drop off documents to 3621 Kanaina Avenue. 
DO NOT: Send any documents via email or chat. 
These will result in either a delay of mailing, or the certificate may never be mailed. 

How often are classes scheduled?  Class Schedules Page

Classes are available on varying Saturdays, Sundays and sometimes Weekdays.

How much do lessons cost?  Teens' Registration Page

- $300.00 plus tax  6-hour behind-the-wheel only - 30 hour classroom fulfilled elsewhere
- $550.00 plus tax 30-hour classroom and 6-hour behind-the-wheel package - single student
Parents who want more professional instruction hours, there are additional behind-the-wheel packages available when you register your teen.  
Prices are subject to State of Hawaii General Excise Tax, Oahu rate.  

Once payment is made no refund is available unless the student dies or becomes disabled. 
Accurate Driving LLC has a contract with Mid Pacific Institute to provide driver education classes.  Mid Pacific Institute determines the price for the class, therefore prices offered for attending class at the Accurate Driving LLC classroom do not apply.  Prices are subject to change without notice.

What is Accurate Driving LLC's refund policy?
Once payment is made no refund is available unless the student dies or becomes disabled. 

BTW refunds are made on the amount Accurate Driving LLC paid to the contract Behind The Wheel instructor less the general excise paid to the State of Hawaii.

Does my teen need a Hawaii Driver's License Permit to take behind-the-wheel (BTW) lessons & how are the BTW lessons scheduled?  Teens' Registration Page
Yes.  We require the student have a current driver permit to take behind-the-wheel (BTW) lessons.  We will send you an email with contact information for your teens BTW instructor during the weeks after the last day of class.  We will also send an email to the BTW instructor with a copy of your teen's registration.  When you make contact with the assigned driving instructor, training is scheduled according to dates, times and locations that can be coordinated with the instructor.  Students who live outside of "Town" will need to meet the BTW instructor somewhere in town.  The State of Hawai'i allows each BTW lesson to be no longer than 1 1/2 hours.  Instructors will schedule the BTW lessons as six 1-hour lessons, four 1 1/2-hour lessons or a combination of the two.  To avoid confusion, please confirm with the instructor the length of lesson you are scheduling.  We recommend not scheduling a road test until you speak with the BTW instructor.

The BTW instructor provides the vehicle.  All Instructor vehicles are certified by the State of Hawaii, Department of Transportation.

We use 2 guidelines to determine the order in which students are assigned BTW instructors.
   1.  Students who sign up for the Classroom/BTW combination will be assigned instructors after they complete the classroom sessions.

   2.  Behind the Wheel Only registrations will be referred in the order received.  (If the BTW only student is under 18 years old and attended

        a driver education classroom outside of Accurate Driving LLC, the BTW only lessons cannot be completed in less than six weeks,

        as required by the State of Hawaii.)

During COVID 19our busiest times of year (Summer, Spring, Fall, Christmas) as we move into each season the wait to start lessons with the assigned BTW instructor will be longer.  The lessons will be scheduled according to the BTW instructor's workload and availability.

Please review the topics covered each behind the wheel training session with your teen and practice the learned skills to accelerate the learning process. If the student cannot perform the learned skills at a minimal level of competency, the instructor may postpone a lesson to allow you more time to practice. 

Instructors do not practice the road test course unless the student has completed all items on the check-list.  Our goal is for the student to learn Proper Driving Skills.  You may, however, hire the BTW instructor for additional hours to specifically prepare for the road test, instructors are familiar with all road test areas. 

​The Behind the Wheel lessons must be scheduled before the student's 19th birthday.  After their 19th birthday we will not schedule BTW lessons and no refund will be issued.

To receive a certificate of completion for Behind-The-Wheel training, every student’s parent or guardian must submit a notarized statement
verifying the applicant completed fifty hours of driving, at least 10 of which was conducted at night, supervised by a licensed driver who is at
least 21 years of age and licensed to operate the same type of motor vehicle.  This notarized statement shall be submitted to whoever served as your teen’s Behind-The-Wheel (BTW) instructor. Upon receipt of this affidavit the BTW instructor will issue a BTW certificate of completion and keep the notarized statement for their records. 
Driving Log & Affidavit Form  

In what format are the Classroom sessions presented? 
Our classroom driver education is designed on a PowerPoint platform to ensure a duplication of curricula for each session.  The PowerPoint platform also allows the class to be fast paced, interesting and allows us to easily add new information.  The classes are interesting and multidimensional combining lecture, discussion, video clips and group activities.  We use a 60" Samsung HDTV and videos include full stereo sound. 

Important Covid-19 Information​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​:

     Currently all classes are conducted Virtually via the internet, not in the classroom.  The State of Hawai'i Department of Transportation will determine when classes resume in our classroom.  When we resume in-classroom teaching, the schedules will be the same dates and times.  Register via Teens Registration page.  Your understanding and patience during this challenging time is appreciated.  Please keep healthy and safe!

What text and curricula are used? 
We utilize the American Automobile Association's (AAA) HOW TO DRIVE, Teaching Your Teens to Drive an AAA Program, Licensed to Learn an AAA program and Dare to Prepare an AAA workshop.

How soon can my teen complete the driver education requirements? 
By State of Hawaii Law the  Driver Education Classroom Course or the Behind the Wheel Lessons cannot be completed in less than six weeks.  Majority of students will take longer than 6 weeks to complete Behind the Wheel training especially during
COVID 19our busiest times of year.  There is no maximum time limit to complete the classroom training and the certificates of completion have no expiration date.  The Behind the Wheel lessons must be scheduled before the student's 19th birthday.  After their 19th birthday we will not schedule BTW lessons and no refund will be issued.

If any driving school or driving instructor informs you, they can complete the Classroom or Behind the Wheel training in less than six weeks; DO NOT SCHEDULE LESSONS WITH THEM! 

How do I register and pay for my teen to attend a class?   Teens' Registration Page
At the top or bottom of this page select the "TEENS' REGISTRATION" button.

When and how does my teen convert their Provisional Driver License to a Regular Driver License? 
A provisional licensee may be issued a full driver license if the provisional licensee:
  1.  has satisfactorily held the provisional license for at least six (6) months;
  2.  has no pending violation that might result in a suspension or revocation;
  3.  is at least seventeen (17) years old; and has satisfactorily complied with all the requirements of Chapter 286, HRS.
To attain the full driver license take the provisional license to any driver licensing office.    The Provisional license expires on the teen's 19th birthday.

Why is there a difference in cost between the Mid Pacific Institute price and Accurate Driving LLC price? 
Accurate Driving LLC is subcontracted by Mid Pacific Institute to provide Classroom Driver Education.  Therefore Mid Pacific Institute (MPI) determines the price and Accurate Driving LLC prices and discounts do not apply.

By State of Hawaii Law a driver education course cannot be completed in less than six weeks.    There is no maximum time limit, the student can take as long as is necessary.

Is there and Expiration date for the Classroom and Behind the Wheel certificates?
No, once attained the certificates never expire.

Where is the Accurate Driving LLC Classroom located?   

1113 South King Street (this is not a mailing address)  

What is your refund policy?
Once payment is made no refund is available unless the student dies or becomes disabledRefunds are less the tax paid.

Parent/Guardian Orientation Presentation
If you do not have Power Point on you computer, you can download a free Power Point Viewer from Microsoft to view the guardian orientation.  The Parent/Guardian of student is required to view the Parent/Guardian Orientation.

How many hours of additional practice time does my teen need?
Hawaii Administrative Rules require your teen to have an additional (in addition to the 6-hour instructor requirement) 50 hours of driving with someone over twenty-one who carries a valid driver license.  Ten of the 50 hours need to be performed at night.  The licensed driver needs to be in the front passenger seat.  Between the hours of 11:00 pm and 5:00 am the licensed driver must be a parent or guardian.  The 50-hours must be documented and sworn to on an affidavit that is notarized.  The notarized affidavit must be submitted to the teen's behind the wheel instructor.  When the instructor has completed the 6-hours of lessons and received the affidavit they will then issue a certificate of completion.

Communication With Accurate Driving LLC:
All communication with Accurate Driving LLC is conducted via email to provide a written record for customers and Accurate Driving LLC.  If you find an old phone number on a website other than accuratedriving.com, it is a very old number that has not been used for business for many years.  Glenn Oide, the owner of Accurate Driving LLC, is the only person who uses accuratedriving@hotmail.com.  If Glenn is on vacation or on days off a reply will be delayed, please be patient.

How Do We Acquire Replacement Certificates?
Please be sure when you receive either the classroom and/or the behind the wheel driver education certificates that they are kept with the student's social security card and birth certificate.  They will not need the certificates until they take their road test.  Lost certificates cost $85.00 plus tax to replace.  You need to be sure you have the certificates a couple of months in advance of the road test.  We make no guaranty that the replacement will be issued before the student's road test date unless the replacement request is made at least two months prior to the test date.   Use this link:  
Certificate Replacement Page

Office Hours:
Accurate Driving LLC is a one-person business.  We do not have office hours, please do not go to our classroom for questions.  Send me an email: accuratedriving@hotmail.com.  If you have a question, please read the entire Q&A page in detail first.

Information Regarding:
- Guideline for Documents to Turn in to Accurate Driving LLC to Receive the Classroom Certificate: Go to the bottom of our      Home Page. 

*** If you disagree with any of the terms, procedures, or requirements on this page, please do not register for lessons with Accurate Driving LLC.

Thank you,
Glenn Oide

***Note:  We are a private company and do not allow Driver Education Instructors not affiliated with Accurate Driving LLC to utilize our classroom to promote their business.  We do not allow the use of an outside instructor for the BTW training. ***