2.  By Mail or Fax.  Print and send this registration form:  

Send us an email with the following information to let us know to expect your registration by mail or fax
a.  Your name and the student's name
b.  Email address
c.  How you registered: by fax or mail
d.  Any questions you may have
email to: accuratedriving@hotmail.com

There are two ways you can register and pay for a class  

Once payment is made no refund is available unless the student dies or becomes disabled.  All prices are subject to Hawaii General Excise Tax - Oahu Rate.

BTW refunds are made on the amount Accurate Driving LLC paid to the contract Behind The Wheel instructor less the general excise tax paid to the State of Hawaii.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

1. Online Registration and Payment - Start with PayPal payment below                               

2. By Mail or Fax - scroll down the page to the yellow box

**We suggest credit card payments be made through PayPal for security purposes.  You do not need a PayPal account to make a credit card payment via PayPal.  If you submit the written registration form and made payment via PayPal, please enter the email used when the PayPal payment was made.

$300.00 plus tax

Behind The Wheel Only for Teens

Teen Online Registration Form - Please use a computer for the online registration.  This registration may not work with a cell phone or tablet.

* = Required Fields on Registration                    

Additional Behind The Wheel Packages

**Important information:

When making payment by Credit Card via PayPal:  Your charge card statement will show the payment made to either AccuDrivLLC or ADLLC.

If you make a mistake with the payment please send us an email for resolution.  If you process through the PayPal site, resolution will take time to process.

To receive the Attend With a Friend Discount, the students' Registrations and Payments must be made within 3 days of each other.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone

Choices below are: Classroom & Behind the Wheel Combination, Behind the Wheel Only, or La Pietra Summer Program

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Kama'aina Owned and Operated Business in Honolulu, Hawaii Since 1990
Certified State Of Hawaii, Department Of Transportation Driver Education Instructors

Certified American Automobile Association Driver Improvement Program Instructor

These additional hours can be applied toward the 50-hour requirement. To qualify for these discounts the Teen must have also paid for either the "Classroom & Behind the Wheel Combination" or the "Behind The Wheel Only". 

$525.00 + tax 

Classroom & Behind the Wheel Combination Single Student

$500.00 plus tax       

Classroom & Behind the Wheel Combination Attend With

a Friend Discount (friend's name  must be entered in registration below)

If the "Submit" button is still a faded green, please be sure all * required fields are filled in correctly especially email addresses.  When the form is submitted you will be taken to the "Important Information" page.

1.  Online Registration and Payment - Complete the PayPal payment and Online registration 
         a.  Pay via PayPal - All prices are subject to Hawaii General Excise Tax, Oahu rate.
         b.  Complete the Teen Online Registration
(be sure to select the submit button after completing the Teen Registration)

Parent or Guardian Electronic Signature - I (The Parent or Guardian) certify that I have read, understand and agree with all requirements and information stated on the accuratedriving.com Q&A page